Monday, April 13, 2009

Hail No!


My husband and I go to Five Guys with our favorite friends when a Tornado watch is in effect. Little did we know, sitting next to the huge wall of glass would be the lease of our concerns. We enjoyed our wonderful burgers and set out for an evening of bowling. (Because that is what we do when we turn 30. Right DW?) We all scatter to our vehicles laughing about how hard the rain was hitting us. As we drive off the hail begins and the windshield wiper on my passenger side stops working. I laugh, "At least it's just mine!" My husband isn't laughing, "You won't be laughing if mine quits." When all of the sudden... his quits working. There is only one thing to do. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are forced to roll down the windows, so we could see to park his truck. Meanwhile, the hail and rain has no mercy on our heads and continues to pound us.

We find a parking spot and my husband opens his door to see if his wiper is jammed, due to the marble size hail. As he releases the wiper it smacks him in the face. I can do nothing but laugh at this pint. He has water running down his face (I had tears running down mine) and the wiper continues to hit him. He keeps trying to shut the door, but the wiper is moving so fast and out of control that it is getting between the door and the truck. He finally gets it to stop and there it is, the wiper of death dangling off the side of the truck. He reaches out the window and puts it in back on the window and leaves it be.

I would first like to thank JW, KW, CW, and DW for stopping to get us, even though there was clearly not enough room for me in that far back seat. I would also like to thank Bed Head Super Hold hairspray for really holding that wet head look for the rest of the evening and tangling up every time I try to comb my hair with my fingers. Lastly, I would like to thank Nike for my wonderful Shox that are so airy and cool during the summer; however, they are not in anyway water resistant.

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  1. I remember a time....a long time ago....Randy, don't know if you ever met him, was on his way home and the wipers broke in his truck. He took a piece of rope and tied it to the wipers and he and his copilot manually operated the wipers the rest of the way home.Redneck engineering at its best.